Our Teams

1 . The Players


Our three teams are categorized by on-ice skill level. Without our athletes, this program would not be possible. While our mission is to provide our players with the fundamental skills to play, the confidence to achieve their goals, and the positive support and encouragement to live out their Hockey dreams… It is ultimately the players who are the teachers. Our three teams of athletes with special needs teach the volunteers, coaches, and sponsors more about life than any of us could have ever imagined.

2 . The Volunteers


The players are undoubtedly the foundation of our program. With that said, every house requires the collaboration of many people to ensure it is a safe and positive environment to learn in! Our program is 100% volunteer based. The energy and support from the coaches, support staff and families allows this program to flourish. The Ottawa Bandits Hockey Club provides ice time, instruction, games and tournaments. Our dedicated volunteers share the mission of providing a program that emphasizes learning, confidence, team building and respect. Together, we make the dreams of our athletes flourish on the ice.

3 . The Sponsors


Our program works year-round to provide our players and their families with the ultimate hockey experience. How? Thanks to the generous donations from both individuals and companies. Their support allows our organization to pay for expenses like jerseys, jackets and awards.

In addition to equipment and subsidizing the cost of the sport to the families involved, our program hosts events such as Christmas parties, police/fire station tours, banquets and baseball games throughout the year. This allows Bandit families to get together, have fun and make new friends. Our 100% not-for-profit organization relies on sponsorship. Thank you to ALL of the kind individuals that help us achieve our mission each and every year: providing athletes with special needs in our community the opportunity to live the dream!

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